Spend the evening with some of the most phenomenal people in the world. Period.


October 20, 2022

5:30 pm Pre-Show Gala  |  The Halloran Center
7:00 pm Award Ceremony | The Orpheum Theatre



About the freedom award

Since 1991, we have honored outstanding individuals 
who have worked to push the movement forward.
Their legacies have crossed color lines, cultural divisions and spanned across the globe. 

The fight for civil rights continues to shift and change, from marches for desegregation to
policy change for economic equity, criminal justice reform, voting rights, and more.
The premise remains the same: Equality and fairness for all.  


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Moments From Behind

The must-see footage you didn't get to see.

Award Ceremony


Our honorees are presented the award for their work, impact, and accomplishments in the name of freedom and civil rights. A Special Tribute is paid to those who stand against injustice and inequity.

Student Forum

connecting our youth, 
giving them a voice

We never miss an opportunity to educate our youth. This exciting event is designed to specifically address young people, inspire them to take action, and stand for something meaningful in their communities.



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